Evaluate departments based on the customers they serve 

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Target: Evaluate departments based on the customers they serve

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The City surveys Tallahassee residents on a frequent basis to gain insight into organizational performance and to change or improve service delivery as needed. City departments, like Parks and Recreation or the Electric and Gas Utility, get constant feedback from residents. The increased visibility of these departments leads to more frequent feedback, either through planned customer satisfaction surveys or through calls, emails, in-person discussions and social media. Other City departments serve internal departments as customers, providing essential support to all City departments.  

As outlined in the City’s Strategic Plan, internal service departments will begin evaluating their performance based on the customers they serve - other departments - via satisfaction surveys. Beginning this practice internally will ensure service departments treat fellow employees as customers, promoting a culture of respect and efficiency. Service department surveys will give leaders the opportunity to evaluate performance and discover what aspects of their work need to be improved.   

Staff is evaluating options for implementation and frequency. Staff is collaborating with departments that have extensive experience in administering surveys to learn what tools are available. By 2021, staff will administer a test survey which will be used to improve the process before rolling it out to multiple departments including:   

  • Strategic Innovation  
  • Technology and Innovation  
  • Financial Services  
  • Human Resources and Workforce Development  
  • Communications  
  • Resource Management  
  • Fleet Management  
  • Diversity and Inclusion 

Staff conducted their first survey in September 2020 to get a baseline evaluation of the service provided by Technology and Innovation team members. As a result, it was determined that there were opportunities to improve inefficiencies and gaps in the level of support. Specific gaps addressed were the level of engagement within departments and the opportunity to deliver increased value in service.

As a result, the Customer Success Management program was established as a gateway to be engaged with the departments consistently and to identify future roadmaps as it relates to technology. This program allows staff to be more effective in the way services are delivered.

Technology & Innovation; Strategic Innovation. Last Updated: November 2021.