Increase attendance at City-organized and City-sponsored festivals and cultural events year over year.

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Target: Increase attendance at City-organized and City-sponsored festivals and cultural events year over year.

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Tallahassee hosts and sponsors numerous community events throughout the year that draw local residents and visitors from across Florida and the Southeast region. These events include Springtime Tallahassee, Chain of Parks Art Festival, Word of South, Downtown Market, and more.

During the height of the COVID pandemic, the City pivoted its cultural offerings to provide more robust virtual access. With widespread vaccine availability and better understanding of the virus, the pandemic has shifted again, and people are eager to have community connections and experiences again. This has ushered in the return of many in-person events and created a robust hybrid of City offerings that enhance options for community participation.

For example, Winter Festival returned with a wonderful in-person crowd. The parade was streamed live on WCOT and the City’s social media, drawing more than 1,400 views the day of the event. A recap of the full event was then posted to YouTube and shared on social media.

This same approach was used for the City’s first MLK Jr. Day parade and associated festivities. Despite chilly temperatures, hundreds of people took part in-person. The parade was live streamed, and the recording was posted.

The Senior Games returned with a bang this year, drawing roughly 500 participants. Communications worked collaboratively with the Senior Center to live stream the Torch Run and a portion of the coed pickleball championship matches. With nearly 1,500 viewers combined, these two productions proved wildly popular. The team also provide a recap video showcasing many events and a recording of the Celebration of Athletes at the end of the games.

The City also co-hosted and/or sponsored many community events this year, including the first Family Day celebration, Frenchtown Rising, the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival, the Sundown Concert Series and Word of South. Multimedia coverage was provided to highlight the opportunities in advance, during and after.

One new event that stood apart from the others for its approach and success, though, was the Riley House’s first Journey to Emancipation conference. It exceeded its registration goals while also securing nationally renowned presenters who donated their time and expertise. Each session was recorded and posted online after the conference to reach a broader audience.

Communications. Last Updated: June 2022