Implement online customer service and inquiry portal by 2022

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Target: Implement online customer service and inquiry portal by 2022

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The City provides utility services to over 126,000 homes and businesses on a daily basis. It manages these accounts through its Customer Information System (CIS), which has not been upgraded in over 10 years. The City is in the final stages of implementing a new CIS & Meter Data Management System (MDMS) to increase citizen engagement, provide enhanced data analyses, and automate existing processes. This upgrade will better position the organization to meet the growing and evolving needs of citizens through the delivery of faster, more efficient, and convenient services.

As part of this upgrading process, the City visited multiple municipalities that had successfully implemented new citizen engagement systems. These visits provided insight into the vendor selection process, project management methodologies, business process improvement approaches, and organizational change management. In December 2020, the City hired a project management firm to facilitate meetings with stakeholders, evaluate requirements based on industry best practices, and create the required documentation to procure a new solution. The City released the Request for Proposal in March 2020 and selected a vendor later that Fall.

Since then, the City has carried out several pre-planning tasks. In March 2021, the City held its first-ever Technology Strategic Planning Summit, which pulled together all internal stakeholders of customer-facing technology projects within the City. The session helped set expectations for communication and involvement of stakeholders for this and other projects. The CIS & MDM project team then met with business units across 12 divisions and mapped over 270 existing business processes. These process maps were used to illustrate how the City serves its customers today. The team has finished the analysis and design phases of the project and is preparing deployment plans for the first quarter of 2023.

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