Rate of employee satisfaction on annual Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys  

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Target: 90%  satisfaction rate.

Current performance: see update below.

Talent retention is essential to the City remaining well-managed, efficient and responsive to the needs of our community. A best practice used by many organizations to assess the likelihood that an employee will be retained is to engage employees for insight on working preferences and environmental interests. For this reason, the City will begin to measure the satisfaction of its employees through regular engagement efforts, including individual assessments and surveys.  The initiative will help each department identify areas of opportunity to encourage industry-leading employee satisfaction and professional development. 

Current staff analysis reflects that 79% of staff are satisfied and engaged with their jobs, exceeding the U.S. benchmark on both measures. Staff have also identified the following as strengths of the City:

  • job meaningfulness,
  • relationships with coworkers,
  • how their work contributes to the overall goals of the organization,
  • work-life-balance, and
  • the compensation package.

Furthermore, these results exceed the public administration industry benchmark and U.S. benchmark on each of these measures.

Key findings and takeaways from this baseline survey will be used to inform future action planning for each department and will provide insights for ensuring the City remains the employer of choice in the entire region. Existing programs designed to enhance employee engagement and job satisfaction include a robust reward and recognition program, an employee of the year program, and various certification opportunities designed to encourage career progression and continuous skill development. 

Human Resources & Workforce Development. Last Updated: November 2021.