Customer Operations

Summary of Services

The Customer Services department provides multiple services to other city departments and directly to citizens and businesses. By design, the department is the first line of communication with citizens during natural disasters, providing 24/7 support.

The Utility Services Administration division provides administrative support for the department, including but not limited to management, administration, and procurement. It also provides policy/process review and audit responses.

The Utility Customer Field Operation division's major function is to provide outstanding customer service while completing over 450,000 field orders annually, including field meter reads, service disconnects/reconnects, and service investigations. This section provides technical support to the City's AMI investments that the smart grid utilizes to provide meter data. This area is also responsible for revenue protection from theft, under-billed, and non-billed services. They work 24/7 as needed.

The Customer Services department processes and monitors the daily billing activities for electric, water, sewer, gas, solid waste, stormwater, and fire services across 21 billing cycles every month. This billing staff works in concert with the call center’s staff, who provide citizen support for all billed services and StarMetro.

The department is an internal service and is fully allocated to the operating funds.


In FY24, the Customer Services will continue to provide outstanding services to the community at their current staffing level. There are no significant changes expected.

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