Capital Improvement Plan

The City of Tallahassee 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

Adopted 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan

The capital improvement plan (CIP) at the City of Tallahassee is a long-term strategy of the City’s capital investments.

The City uses capital budgeting to ensure the proper maintenance and investment in its infrastructure. The development of the capital improvement plan (CIP) is continuous as departmental project managers evaluate the timeline of each project and maximize the use of available funding throughout each year. Departments review their capital plans in the first quarter of the fiscal year. They adjust their plans as needed throughout the year prior to the City Commission passing the next year’s budget.

Department staff, Resource Management and, the Treasurer-Clerk’s office collaborate on funding for capital needs using a combination of cash and debt as appropriate within policy and credit rating standards.

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Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

• The CIP is a five-year plan updated annually, with the first year of the five-year plan, in this case FY22, appropriated with adoption of the budget.
• Capital planning starts with master plans that cover 10-20 years based on the service life of assets, which then informs the five-year plan.
• Timing of capital expenditures, combined with prioritization and funding availability, results in reasonable adjustments to maximize the capital investments that support the priorities defined in the City’s Strategic Plan 2024.
• Investment in the City's infrastructure ensures the reliability of services, provides jobs, and assists with economic recovery in the wake of COVID-19.

Fiscal Year 2022 Capital Budget is $262,430,462

160 Projects Total

5-Year (2022-2026) Total is $1,003,181,066

197 Projects Total

Capital Improvement Plan 5-Year Total

Capital project expenditures are divided into categories:

Capital repair, replacement and improvements and capital equipment.

Improvements and maintenance of drainage, flood protection, and preservation of enhanced water quality.

Software and hardware for technology systems

Capital repair, replacement and improvements to existing facilities and their surroundings.

Roadway improvements, including sidewalk, bike paths, street resurfacing, traffic calming, new traffic signals, and arterial/collector street reconstruction.

Capital repair, replacement and improvements for parks, community centers, aquatics centers, other facilities and their surroundings.

Infrastructure and transportation improvements for Avaition/Starmetro transit and equipment procurement for the City's fleet.

Improvement and replacement of electric, gas, water, and sewer infrastructure and necessary equipment replacement/maintenance for regulatory water and wastewater facilities and solid waste.

Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Total by Category

Capital Improvement Plan Fiscal Year by Funding Source

Funding Sources Include:

• Bond Proceeds

- Airport debt

- Bank loans

- 2018 Bonds

- 2018 Consolidated Utility Services Bonds

- Future Consolidated Utility Services Bonds

- Future bonds for public infrastructure

• General Government

- Gas Tax

- 2020 Sales Tax

- Interlocal Allocations

- Transfer from the General Fund (GGCPA)

- Prior year’s balances for GGCPA

• State Funds​

- Community Development Block Grant​

- Florida Department of Transportation Grant

• Federal Funds​

- Federal Aviation Administration

- American Rescue Plan Revenue Loss

- Federal Transit Administration

- Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

• Renewal, Replacement, & Improvement (RR&I)

- Airport​

- Electric​

- Fire

- Gas

- Sewer​

- Stormwater

- Water

• Special Funds​

- 800 MHz Fund​

- Aviation facility charges and investment funds

- Electric Accounts Receivable​

- Energy Conservation Fund​

- Fire Construction Fund

- Fleet Reserve Fund

- Water and Sewer System Charges

- Solid Waste Reserve

- Traffic Project A/R Fund

- Utility Services Construction Fund

- Water A/R Project Fund

Click here to see the City’s Financing Policy or learn more from the Capital Funding Source Descriptions.