Construction of the South City Transit Center by 2022.

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Target: Complete construction of the South City Transit Center by 2022.

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While C.K. Steele Plaza has historically been the primary nexus of the City’s mass transit system, a significant portion of StarMetro ridership lives and works in the South City area of Tallahassee. To further enhance the accessibility and convenience of the City’s mass transit to residents in this area, the City of Tallahassee is constructing a new South City Transit Center (SCTC) on the northwest corner of Orange Avenue and Meridian Street. The proposed site for the future SCTC was recently converted from an abandoned property into a temporary park. The SCTC will include a waiting area for bus riders, office space, an information booth, and a place to charge electric buses.

The SCTC will serve as a public transportation hub strengthening southside neighborhoods as well as enhancing citizens’ mobility and connectivity throughout Tallahassee. The site of the SCTC is situated within the Orange-Meridian Placemaking Project area, which includes stormwater improvements to the north and stormwater pond beautification to the south. These projects will work in conjunction with efforts at the SCTC site for stormwater and other related infrastructure needs.

In October 2020, the City Commission approved entering into a contract with a consultant to begin community engagement and design services for SCTC. The consultant contract was executed in late June of 2021. Initial project meetings will begin in early July. The City will work with the Florida Department of Transportation and the consultant to conduct an environmental analysis of the projects. StarMetro staff will also work with the consultant on a public engagement campaign for Fall 2021.

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