Implement digital townhall at City Commission meetings by 2021

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Target: Implement digital townhall at City Commission meetings by 2021

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The City of Tallahassee consistently seeks to enhance citizens’ understanding of local government operations and access to public meetings by utilizing its technological capabilities. The multiple channels of open digital participation, allow the City to connect with residents who may otherwise face difficulties coordinating schedules, transportation, or availability. Furthermore, by expanding the scope of residents’ access to their City government, we can ensure the health and safety of staff and residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In April 2020, the City held its first fully digital City Commission meeting and continues to use this approach for planning charettes and other public meetings. The City continues to live-stream City Commission Meetings, CRA Board Meetings, and other public meetings with both digital and in-person participation. Any member of the public who wishes to participate virtually can sign up to speak during the meeting at City Commission meetings are live-streamed on the City’s television channel WCOT (channel 13 for both Comcast and CenturyLink customers), and online at,, or TLH.

Moving forward, the City of Tallahassee is well-positioned to further expand residents’ access to data and engagement at events and public meetings. Over the next year, the City will continue to offer many ways to engage the Commission and organization, collect feedback, and improve internal processes as needed. The City will continue to adapt and adjust its approach to ensure every voice in our community has the opportunity to be heard.

Technology & Innovation. Last Updated: March 2022