FY24 - FY28 Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) at the City of Tallahassee is a long-term strategy of the City’s capital investments.

The City of Tallahassee's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a five-year approach in planning significant infrastructure and enhancement projects. Projects are selected using the City’s Strategic Plan and reviewing departmental needs.

The development of the CIP is a continuous cycle which follows the City’s operating budget timeline for appropriation and adoption. The continuous nature of the process allows project managers to evaluate the timeline of each project and maximize the use of available funding throughout each year. Department staff, Resource Management, and the Treasurer-Clerk’s office collaborate on funding for capital needs using a combination of cash and debt as appropriate within policy and credit rating standards.

Management of projects is driven by Commission Policy 218 - Authority for Administration of Capital Projects. This policy sets forth the operational and funding procedures and responsibilities for which departments and project managers must adhere to.

The FY24 - FY28 CIP includes a total of 197 projects over the 5 year span adding up to $1,090,562,979. With the successful adoption of the FY24 operating and FY24 - FY28 Capital budgets in September 2023, the FY24 appropriated amount includes 153 projects totaling $253,088,742. Provided below is the City's FY24 - FY28 CIP designating the service area managing each project and the 5-year funding strategy.

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FY24 - FY28 Capital Improvement Plan By Strategic Plan Priority Areas

To continue to be a national leader in utility services delivery and environmental stewardship, the City continues to use the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to provide needed infrastructure improvement and construction for the electric, gas, water, and sewer utilities. The CIP also is used to purchase major equipment replacement for regulatory water and wastewater facilities and solid waste. The City's Underground Utilities and Public Infrastructure use the CIP to complete projects for ongoing roadway improvements, sidewalks construction and maintenance, traffic operations, and new street reconstruction, all of which enhance the livability and preserve unique characteristics of local neighborhoods.

The number one priority of the City Commission and City leadership is for a continued commitment of public safety in our community. The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is an essential piece to this, as it is a central tool to enhance and modernize infrastructure, such as the new Police building and the New Fire Station on Lake Bradford Road. The CIP is also a place where departments can invest in the necessary equipment, technologies, and tools needed to ensure the safety of the community and first responders.

Quality of life is the general health, well-being, comfort and happiness experienced by citizens. To provide continue growth of this priority, City staff can use the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to fund significant improvements or additions to local neighborhoods. One major addition in the current CIP, is the construction of the second Senior Center which will be located in the new Welaunee neighborhood.

To ensure that Tallahassee continues to be one of the fastest-growing economies in Florida, City Departments utilize the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to complete projects to reinvest in the community. Significant projects are underway at the Tallahassee Internatioanl Airport, such as modernizing the Terminal and the International Passenger Facility, to increase the capacity for passenger and shipping growth while also laying the groundwork to become a recognized Foreign Trade Zone. The CIP also provides a platform for City staff to modernize public buildings are ensure new infrastructure is built to support ongoing business and promote future growth.

Rising economic inequality and the human impact of poverty nationwide continue to be a challenge that demands a collective community response. Through the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), funding for programs like Neighborhood First, is provided which allows an avenue for the City to support the community to addresses various influencing factors of poverty and affordable housing. The CIP also provides funding for community programs that incentivize the preservation and improvement of existing housing.

The City is the largest provider of municipal services in the region and has a workforce of more than 3,000 employees. In order to provide the needed customer service to the region, City staff are provided with the necessarry tools to ensure that success. Within the Capital Improvement Plan, City staff are able to plan for and implement new technologies to support external customers, such as the Utility Technology Master Project and the new UMAX system, but also able to ensure the day-to-day operations of internal staff flow effectively and efficiently through Microsoft Programs.

FY24 - FY28 Capital Improvement Plan - Highlighted Projects

Capital Improvement Plan: FY24 - FY28 Total

Capital Improvement Plan Fiscal Year by Funding Source

Capital Improvement Plan: FY24 Total

FY24 CIP Funding Sources

Bond Proceeds

Fire Future Debt

Future Capital Bond Series 

Future Sales Tax Bond 

Internal Loan Fund

Sewer CUS Future Bonds 

Water CUS Future Bonds 

General Government Blueprint Annual Allocation - Sidewalks

Gas Tax

General Government Capital Project Account (GGCPA) Intergovernmental 

Sales Tax 2020

Sales Tax Construction Fund

Street Paving Fund

State Funds​

Aviation - Florida Department of Transportation

Florida Department of Transportation Grant

Federal Funds​

Federal Aviation Administration

Federal Transit Administration

Renewal, Replacement and Improvement

Airport RR&I

Electric RR&I

Environmental Services & Facilities Management RR&I

Fire Construction Fund

Gas RR&I

Sewer RR&I

Stormwater RR&I

Technology RR&I

Water RR&I

Special Funds

800 MHz (Communication)

Aviation - Customer Facility Charge

Aviation - Passenger Facility Charge

Blueprint Annual Allocation - Aviation

Blueprint Annual Allocation - Water Quality

Building Inspection Reserve Fund

Electric A/R

Fleet Reserve Fund

Gas A/R

Revenue Collection Fund

Sewer System Charge

Sewer A/R Fund

Solid Waste Rate Stabilization Reserve 

Stormwater Redevelopment

Traffic A/R Fund

Utility Services Construction

Water System Charge

Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Total by Service Area

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