Map, analyze and enhance all departments’ procedures and processes  

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Target: Map, analyze and enhance all departments’ procedures and processes  

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Efficient, responsive and well-managed internal services are essential to help the City of Tallahassee fulfill its mission to be the national leader in the delivery of public service. By mapping and analyzing all existing processes, staff are provided the opportunity to make necessary adjustments to achieve maximum efficiency and resource management.  

Staff has taken considerable steps towards enhancing processes, including: Internal service departments have made changes to the solicitation cycle, contract development to execution process and the requisition to purchase order process. In addition, staff has successfully transitioned to electronic delivery of all purchase orders to vendors, rather than printing and mailing them. Not only does this ensure secure same-day delivery of purchase orders to vendors but saves time and reduces administrative costs.  The City is also collaborating with the Florida Sterling Council, an organization focused on performance excellence, to learn and adopt a new model for performance excellence. More information on this can be found in 3-C-3. 

The model emphasizes the importance of process mapping and process improvement.   By leveraging technology and cultivating partnerships, the City will continue to make process improvements. Investing time into enhancing internal procedures will ensure the City of Tallahassee continues to provide top-tier citizen services and internal services to other City departments.   

Major process improvements since the implementation of the Strategic Plan include:  

• AssetWorks – Fleet Management implemented AssetWorks. This new system manages work orders, parts requests, purchase orders, invoices, reporting, vehicle inspection checklists, and other functions. This upgrade provides significant efficiencies, facilitates logistics, and feeds the system data which can later be used for predictive maintenance.

• Supplier Portal Update – The City updated the Self-Service Supplier Portal in July 2022 and it now reflects a new modern, user friendly, and simplified interface. The Supplier Portal provides users with the self-service capability to update pertinent information through the supplier profile at any time, eliminating unnecessary delays and improving data quality. To support Suppliers through the transition, Supplier Portal guidance was developed and posted on the Supplier Portal providing step-by-step instructions for registration, accessing ACH advice, changing a password, updating banking information, and changing an address.

• eProcurement – eProcurement (ePro) is a new PeopleSoft module that significantly improves how departments procure goods and services. ePro will allow departments to select items from supplier catalogs, including Office Depot, Staples, Dell, and Grainger. If the purchase is under $3,000, ePro will automatically generate a purchase order and submit it to the supplier once Department approval of the requisition is obtained. These changes will significantly reduce submission processing time for the City’s most frequently purchased items. ePRo enhancements include: Pre-set Catalogs, Reduced Data Entry, Improved Spend Visibility, Unit Price Enforcement, Reduced P-card Dependency, etc

• Bonfire – This new eProcurement platform was implemented in June 2022. To date, 1,024 vendors have registered on the system and the Procurement Services Department has launched 22 solicitations. With the transition to Bonfire, the City’s next phase will be the integration of Bonfire with Peoplesoft.

• Vendor Management Office – Supports all City-Vendor activities including processing new user registration requests, onboarding suppliers, serving as a liaison between the Department and the Vendor, reviewing and preparing agreements, conducting outreach activities to minority, women-owned or small business enterprises, conducting outreach to qualified vendors to improve competition, among other relationship management activities.

• Residential Bulk Waste Management – Special collections and services operations now utilizes CityWorks Work Order Management system. This system now allows for real-time dispatching of work orders to equipment operators, improving response time to customer requests.

• Airport Security Checkpoint Equipment – In coordination with Transportation Security Administration (TSA), City staff updated airport security checkpoint equipment, enhancing safety and overall customer experience. Additional evaluation is underway to determine future capacity updates at both the airport security checkpoint and checked baggage inline screening system.

All City departments. Last Updated: December 2022.