Housing & Community Resilience

Summary of Services

The Housing and Community Resilience Department directs the City's sustainability, resilience, human services, housing, and code enforcement functions.

Critical activities and programs for the department include:

• Ensuring the integrity of neighborhoods is maintained and preserved through code enforcement activities such as lot mowing, towing of inoperable vehicles, boarding of dangerous, abandoned, and vacant properties, and eliminating housing code violations through voluntary compliance and use of the administrative/quasi-judicial hearing processes.

• Eliminating neighborhood blight and unsafe housing conditions through affordable housing owner-occupied rehabilitation programs, emergency repairs, permanent and temporary relocations, code enforcement rehabilitations, and accessibility rehabilitation programs.

• Increasing homeownership with homebuyer counseling and first-time home buyers’ down payment assistance.

• Co-coordinating the Tallahassee Emergency Assessment Mobile Unit (TEAM) with the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD). In this program, licensed mental health professionals and police officers respond to nonviolent 9-1-1 calls for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. A paramedic is available on call for necessary situations. For FY23, the TEAM has expanded to three units and approximately 16-hour daily coverage.

• Contracting with over 40 local human and social service agencies to provide direct services for children and families, at-risk youth, after-school programs, homelessness prevention, food programs, medical care for low-income and homeless populations, essential living services, and senior services programs.

• Tallahassee Engaged in Meaningful Productivity for Opportunity (TEMPO) connects youth to essential services, enabling vocational education opportunities and connecting youth to workforce training through short-term apprenticeships with local organizations. TEMPO had engaged 1,900 participants by July 2022.

• Assisting in maintaining historic properties through a grant and loan program to restore and rehabilitate eligible historic structures listed in the national or local register of historic places.


The department has 42.00 full-time equivalent (FTE) and 14 temporary employees. FTEs increased from 17.00 to 32.00 during FY21 when two departments, Community Housing & Human Services and Sustainability & Community Preservation, were consolidated and renamed to Housing & Community Resilience. Housing and Community Resilience then absorbed the Community Services Department, bringing complementary functions closer for FY23.

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