Summary of Services

The Office of Economic Vitality is an economic development model that ensures accountability, transparency, citizen engagement and professional management of economic development projects. The Office of Economic Vitality aims to develop programs and initiatives while simultaneously leveraging ideas, innovations and intellectual capital through the continuous coordination of the community’s economic development partners.

This office works diligently to create a one-stop-shop for the community’s economic development needs. As directed by the IA, these efforts include the development of a first-ever strategic plan to guide our community’s economic development efforts and objectively evaluate our progress over time toward goal achievement. The Office of Economic Vitality is able to fully leverage considerable technical and professional resources which previously resided within the County and City Economic Development and Minority and Women Small Business Enterprise Offices, the Planning Department, GIS, and Blueprint. Furthermore, the Office of Economic Vitality provides an enhanced level of service for cross departmental coordination for collection and utilization of data, implementation of projects and initiatives throughout the planning, land management and economic development spectrum, which is conducted in an open, inclusive and transparent manner.

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