Number of sidewalk projects completed annually.

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Target: Number of sidewalk projects completed annually

Current performance: 11 sidewalks were completed in FY21.

Sidewalks provide an alternative means of transportation and are critical links for pedestrians in and out of neighborhoods and also provide for a dedicated pedestrian route. They are valuable assets to our community and help to provide a higher quality of life, thus enhancing livability. The City is therefore committed to improving the pedestrian network throughout Tallahassee by constructing new sidewalks. 

The City applies various criteria to aid in ranking sidewalk-installation projects both for citizens' safety and to enhance the general quality of neighborhood life. The City maintains a sidewalk priority list, which includes projects identified on the Planned Multimodal Project List. Additionally, the City periodically evaluates criteria in the process to rank requested sidewalk projects to ensure that projects are chosen based on need and equity. 

Using the Sidewalk Priority List and other planned projects with sidewalks, the City will work towards meeting the Strategic Plan goals for sidewalk construction. Ten sidewalk projects were completed or under construction in FY22 totaling over two miles. The City is consistently looking to leverage sidewalk funding through grants such as the Florida Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School program.

Number of sidewalk projects completed

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