Improvement and replacement of electric, gas, water, and sewer infrastructure and necessary equipment replacement/maintenance for regulatory water and wastewater facilities and solid waste.

Departments that have projects under Utilities Category are:

  • Electric & Gas Utility
  • Underground Utilities (Water and Sewer)
  • Community Beautification & Waste Management

Strategic Plan Priorities addressed are:

  • Economic Development
  • Public Infrastructure

Utilities Fiscal Year 2023 & 5-Year Total by Project

Utilities - Project Long Description & Year by Year Total

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Utilities Funding Source by Department & Project

Strategic Plan Objective & Initiative Impacts:


- Number of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations installed in utility customers’ homes. Target 500

- Miles of aging wastewater pipes upgraded annually. Target 5.5 miles

Public Infrastructure Obj. 4A (1-6) BE A LEADER IN UTILITY SERVICE DELIVERY.

- Average customer outage response time for electric outages. Target > 40 minutes

- Average customer outage response time for gas problems. Target > 30 minutes

- Rate of availability for utility services (electric, gas, water, and sewer systems). Target 99%

- Dollars invested in sewer collection system upgrades. Target $61.3 million

- Annual utility customer satisfaction rating. Target 85%

- Provide electric and gas utility bills at or below the statewide average.

Public Infrastructure Obj. 4B (2-5) - BE A LEADER IN ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP.

- Tonnage of recyclables collected annually. Target 13,000 tons 75% recycle participation

- Develop and adopt the City’s Clean Energy Plan for 2050 by 2024.

- Remain a Top 3 municipal leader in the prevention of sewer spills during the next five years.

- Reduce the number of impaired water bodies.

Public Infrastructure Obj. 4C (1-3) ENSURE SAFE AND CLEAN DRINKING WATER.

- Win the “Best Tasting Drinking Water in Florida” award.

- Complete construction of new water quality laboratory by 2021.

- Invest $44.9 million in the enhancement and maintenance of the potable water system over the next five years.