5-Year Capital Improvement Plan Map

Explore the capital plan by location for large infrastructure projects.

*Disclaimer - Projects display on the map may not reflect the exact location the proposed capital investment. Remaining projects not included in the map are highlighted below and consist of the master projects that will create subprojects with multiple locations, technology upgrades, or equipment and vehicle investments.

Master Project Concept

The City Commission approved the Master Plan concept policy for capital projects which enables the highest priority projects to be accelerated as challenges are addressed in other areas. Additionally, while single projects that are a part of a single master project budget typically include budgeted amounts for their own contract management and contingency, there is not the need to budget this full amount within the Master Project for each individual sub-project. The quarterly budget update process allows for a nimble approach to project amendments that enable a move of contingency amounts from project to project. In this way, a single allocation of contingency and contract management resources at the Master Project level could be utilized and moved from sub-project to sub-project as they are initiated and/or completed, and the funds are returned to the Master Project. Additionally, annual cash flow analysis evaluates the original appropriation with the progress of right of way acquisition, design and planning activities and construction schedules to ensure that the highest priority projects are funded and progressing.