Grow employee participation in professional development programs by 10 percent by 2024.  

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Target: Grow employee participation in professional development programs by 10 percent by 2024.  

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Having an informed and educated workforce benefits both the employee and the organization, enhancing the level of services provided to residents. Professional development programs can offer employees opportunities for advancement within the organization and an increased sense of satisfaction.  Two of the professional development programs offered each year by the City include the New Public Servant Initiative (NPSI), and the Certified Public Manager (CPM) programs. NPSI and CPM are comprehensive training programs on leadership and management. The 14th NPSI class kicked off on June 30th, 2021.

Roughly 40% of NPSI program graduates have ascended into higher positions and earned higher wages relative to employees who did not participate in the programs. The CPM program is a nationally recognized certification offered in a partnership between the City and the Florida Center for Public Management at Florida State University. 

The City will continue to promote professional development opportunities to staff across all departments, grow employee participation and expand course offerings to meet the changing needs of staff. Exposure to professional development programs provides new opportunities for participants and builds the skills and education needed to create a larger pool of professionally trained employees from which to incorporate and progress into the workforce.   

Florida's CPM Program at Florida State University 2022 Graduation

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