Complete construction of a multi-modal transportation hub at C.K. Steele Plaza by 2022.

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Target: Complete construction of a multi-modal transportation hub at C.K. Steele Plaza by 2022.

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C.K. Steele Plaza was constructed in 1986 and named after the Civil Rights activist Charles Kenzie Steele, who organized the Tallahassee Bus Boycotts in the 1950s. The Plaza is located in the heart of Downtown Tallahassee at the intersection of West Tennessee Street and Adams Street. It serves as a central transfer point for riders on each of StarMetro’s fixed routes and is a critical piece of the City’s transit system infrastructure. As the community grows, so will the demand and desire for more modern, accessible public transit amenities and options. In response, the City has committed to complete the construction of a multimodal transportation hub at C.K. Steele Plaza.

Multimodal transportation hubs provide greater access to public transportation options by integrating other transportation options at a single point such as walking, bicycling and other services such as the e-scooter services currently housed at C.K. Steele Plaza [1]. Transportation hubs also increase the use of public transportation. Thus, the C.K. Steele Plaza redevelopment will advance the City's commitment to increase the percentage of residents using alternative modes of transportation to and from work and increase StarMetro's on-time performance to 90%.

As of 2021, the City has two micromobility services offered at C.K. Steele Plaza -- Pace Bike Share and E-Scooters. Further plans for the C.K. Steele Plaza is currently on hold as the City undertakes a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) of its entire transit system. The COA focuses on identifying short- and long- term improvements to StarMetro's existing service operations to enable more efficient and effective service delivery. Community members may engage and provide their feedback on the City of Tallahassee’s mass transportation system by visiting Community input is critical to understanding transit service needs in Tallahassee and creating more accessible, efficient, and equitable transit system.

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