Facilitate annual large-scale community preparedness scenario, integrating all response and medical agencies.

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Target: Facilitate annual large-scale community preparedness scenario, integrating all response and medical agencies.

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Local emergency response agencies strive to be prepared for any crisis that could endanger Tallahassee and our residents. Community response and medical agencies run an annual large-scale community preparedness scenario to test strengths and identify weaknesses of agencies’ response plans. In past preparedness scenarios, response and medical agencies have practiced responding to a plane crash, a train derailment, and other potential dangerous events.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a real crisis testing community preparedness. All public safety and medical agencies have adapted in real time to changing threats the virus has presented. In addition to responding to how the virus has impacted the community at-large, these entities have also had to adjust to internal staffing challenges as they mitigated the spread of the virus.

In February 2023, there was Airport Exercise with Reunification. This simulated airplane crash at the Tallahassee International Airport, which exercised Fire Suppression, Fatality and Casualty Management, Survivor and Family Reunification, Public Information, and Response to Electrical Solar Panel Destruction. Participating agencies, LCSO, TFD, TPD, LCEMS, LCEM, Tallahassee EM, local hospitals, Health Department, FDLE, FBI, American Red Cross, Airport Operations, City Electric, FAA, Delta Airlines, and local humanitarian agencies.

In June 2023, there was Drone and Remote Sensing Operations. This was a three-day exercise that tested Drone Operations and Remote Sensing for UAVs. Simulated Search and Rescue Operations, Victim and Survivor Identifying and Locating, GIS and Ariel mapping and Converting Field Information into Useable Intelligence. Participating agencies: 47 Local, State, and Federal Agencies and High Education Research Institutions from throughout the United States. The Tallahassee/ Leon County EOC was used as the Centralized Coordinating Point for the exercise.

Tallahassee Fire Department. Last updated: August 2022.