City Manager's Office

Summary of Services

Office of the City Manager

• Responsible for maintaining the management functions of city government and administering the day-to-day operations of most facets of city government.

• Responsible for oversight of the City Commission meeting agenda process.

Deputy and Assistant City Managers

• The Deputy City Manager and Assistant City Managers oversee City Departments, Utility Services, and provide overall management direction and policy guidance to department directors as assigned.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will ensure the further development and implementation of the City’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to ensure the City’s workforce is reflective of the community’s demographics. This includes developing a strategic focus on recruiting, retaining and promoting the best and most diverse talent available.

Strategic Innovation manages the City’s strategic plan, monitors legislative activities, and helps departments with innovating their services.


•In FY24, the City Manager's Office will continue to provide outstanding services to the community at their current staffing level. There are no significant changes expected in the budget for FY24.

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