Complete construction of new water quality laboratory by 2021.

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Target: Complete construction of new water quality laboratory by 2021.

Current Performance: Completed in 2022.

The City operates a water quality laboratory where extensive sampling and analyses are performed to meet rigorous Federal, State and Local regulations. The City closely monitors and samples our water as it is pumped from a system of 27 deep wells. More than 10,000 samples for more than 50,000 analyses per year are performed to ensure compliance with said regulations. Our chemists test for more than 110 regulated and unregulated substances including lead and copper. Running a certified lab provides assurances that our customers receive the highest quality of water. Over 11 billion gallons of water are produced each year. In addition to providing compliance to our public water system, the Water Quality Laboratory provides compliance to the City’s wastewater treatment and disposal systems, stormwater management facilities and the electric power plant facilities.

After decades of service and multiple renovations, the previous water quality lab became insufficient to accommodate staff and laboratory processes needed to reliably conduct the volume and frequency of tests. Following a comprehensive independent review, the City concluded that a new laboratory building would be the most efficient and effective means of maintaining operation of water quality laboratory services. To address this need, the City evaluated, planned, designed and constructed a new state-of-the art water quality laboratory. [1].

Construction began at the T.P. Smith Water Reclamation Facility in November 2020. The original completion date was scheduled for Fall 2021; however, limited availability of critical building materials due to COVID-19, specifically metal roofing panels, pushed the completion date to 2022. The Water Quality Laboratory is now up and running, ensuring residents have safe, clean drinking water for years to come.

1. The lab is certified under the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program for both drinking water and environmental water quality testing.

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