City Treasurer-Clerk

Summary of Services

The City Treasurer-Clerk position was created by the City Charter and is appointed by and serves at the City Commission's pleasure. As Treasurer for the government, the City Treasurer-Clerk is responsible for collecting, depositing, safeguarding, and investing all monies belonging to the City, including utility revenues, fines, fees, taxes, and other miscellaneous revenues. Additional responsibilities include financing capital projects through the sale of bonds, notes, leases, or commercial paper, administering the debt after issuance, and advising the City Commission on debt-related matters. The City Treasurer-Clerk is also responsible for designing and administering the City employees’ pension plan and the City’s risk management program.

As City Clerk, the City Treasurer-Clerk, maintains all ordinances and resolutions, prepares the minutes of City Commission meetings, countersigns, and maintains the official copy of all contracts and, as provided by Florida Statutes, is responsible for the collection, storage, and archiving of all public records. Citizens requesting access to public records must come through this office. The Treasurer-Clerk also has specific administrative duties related to citizen advisory boards, filling unexpected City Commission vacancies, and canvassing absentee ballots in City Commission elections, as established by City Commission Policy.

The City Treasurer-Clerk also provides financial information and analysis to the City Commission as requested and has other responsibilities as determined from time to time by the City Commission.


• In FY24, the Treasurer-Clerk office continues to provide outstanding services to the community at its current staffing level. There are no significant changes expected in the FY24 budget.

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