Environmental Services & Facilities Management

Summary of Services

This group is comprised of the Environmental Regulatory Compliance (ERC) and Centralized Facilities Management (CFM) Divisions.

The ERC assists City facilities and operations with achieving and maintaining compliance with all federal, state, and local environmental laws, rules, and ordinances, including permitting, licensing, rule analysis, regulatory reporting, agency inspections, compliance testing, assessment, and remediation of contaminated properties and enforcement negotiations. The ERC also manages the City’s Brownfields Redevelopment Program.

The CFM manages the citywide Centralized Facilities Management program, which oversees and provides HVAC repair and maintenance, project management, architectural, and engineering design services for all aspects of construction, renovation, repair and maintenance of City facilities, buildings and their related structures.


In FY22 the department implemented targeted budget increases due to the expanded services provided by the department. This included changes in their personnel budget, with the conversion of three temporary positions to full-time and the addition of five new temporary custodial staff, increases to operating expenses of $123,000 for the maintenance of the Kleman Plaza Garage, and the additional investment in their Renewal Replacement & Improvement Fund (RR&I) transfer of $500,000 for needed maintenance and improvements to the City’s facilities.

This department is an internal service and fully allocated to the operating funds.

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Strategic Objectives

1-A-2: Number of brownfield areas assessed, remediated or redeveloped within the South Monroe corridor.

4-B-1: Continue the reduction of total greenhouse gas emissions for the City’s electric utility.

5-F-1: Complete construction and begin operations at the new Public Safety Campus by 2024.

Action Plan for FY21


1. Seek expansion of metric to include nearby opportunity zones

2. Spend remaining 10% of current assessment grant

3. Receive award of additional 300K in assessment grant funding (pending)

4. If not awarded, use program income from RLF Grant funds to bridge funding gap

5. Continue to promote COT Brownfields program to community groups, developers, real estate and banking personnel, etc.

4-B-initiative 1

1. Continue to provide support to this initiative by mapping CO2 emission reductions.


1. Complete hazardous materials abatement and demolition of Northwood Mall by early 2022

2. Complete conceptual building design and master planning in 2022

3. Complete civil site work and building construction, including TPD move-in in 2024

Challenges for FY21

1. Current metric for 1-A-2 (number of assessments within the South Monroe Brownfield Corridor) is too narrow and does not accurately reflect the work conducted in neighboring opportunity zones. Seek to expand the metric to be able to capture ESF efforts.

2. Obtaining funding for additional assessment work. These grants are highly competitive. The City last received one in 2017.

3. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed the economy and development within the South Monroe Corridor.

Long-Range Plan

1. Continue to learn how other communities are mapping their carbon footprint.

2. Continue to seek properties for environmental assessment, rehabilitation and redevelopment within Southside area through grant opportunities and promotion of the City's brownfields program.

3. Research, design and construct state-of-the-art TPD Headquarters Facility at Northwood Center

4. Research, design and construct state-of-the-art Fire Station 17 and Community Resilience Center at former Lake Bradford Road WWTP