Attain status as a "Top 100 Fleet"

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Target: Attain status as a "Top 100 Fleet"

Current Performance: The City's Fleet Management Department was ranked 7th in the Top 50 Leading Government Fleet, in addition to other recognitions.

The City Fleet Management Department is responsible for the maintenance, acquisition, disposal and fuel management of approximately 2,700 City vehicles and equipment. The City maintains a 96% availability rate to its department customers, meaning that at any given time 96% of the City’s vehicles and equipment are available for use. Given the efficient management of the City’s fleet, staff set its sights on being recognized as a “Top 100 Fleet” nationwide. This goal underlined the target mapped to the City’s mission to be a national leader in the delivery of public services. 

In 2021, the City’s fleet department was recognized as one of the top government fleets in the nation by two different organizations. The City ranked as the 7th Fleet in the Top-50 Leading Government Fleets in the nation by Government Fleet Magazine & American Public Works Association. It was also ranked 19th in the nation overall by In addition, the City earned the 2021 Green Fleet Award, which evaluated the City on fleet composition, fuel emissions, fleet policies, and education.  These three distinctions reflect the professionalism and hard work of staff and ensuring the entire City workforce has the vehicles and equipment at their disposal to fulfill their duties.  

Fleet. Last Updated: November 2021.