Summary of Services

The City of Tallahassee operates two public golf courses that provide opportunities for golfers of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the game of golf at affordable prices. More than 50,000 rounds of golf are played annually on these two courses combined. Value and convenience are two key messages that describe the golfing experience at Hilaman and Jake Gaither.

Hilaman Golf Course

Hilaman is an 18-hole, par 72 golf course located in the heart of Tallahassee. Amenities offered include tennis courts, a driving range, a snack bar, and a golf pro shop.

Jake Gaither Golf Course

Jake Gaither is a 9-hole, par 36 golf course that hosts the Jake Gaither Golf Association and Junior Summer Golf Camp.


• In FY22, the Golf Department will continue to provide outstanding services to the community at their current staffing level.

• Revenues are expected to increase in FY22 due to a continued increase in tee times. In addition, FY22 will not likely see the two-month closure due to COVID-19 that occurred in FY21.

• Total expenditures are also budgeted to be slightly higher in FY22 due to the expected increase in operating days as compared with FY21.

• Golf course management also plans to resurface the parking lot in FY22.


•Steady revenue growth is expected over the next four years.

•At this time, there are no major capital projects planned for the golf courses.

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Short-Term Action Plan

Continue to utilize employees from the Department of Corrections 2nd Chance Program.

Invite quarterly motivational speakers from the community.

Develop internal and community partnerships to increase job opportunities.


The COVID pandemic has made it difficult to train the 2nd Chance DOC employees as well as hold quarterly meetings which included community speakers.

High turnover rate: The golf course is operated primarily with temp employees and DOC employees. Most employees work less than a year.

Consistency: Due to our high turnover rate, we are constantly retraining employees which impacts our continuity and quality of work.

Limited availability of DOC employees during peak season due to other employers hiring from the same pool.

Long-Term Plan

Implement Certification Program for 2nd Chance Participants:

* Fork lift operation

* CDL Training

* Golf Course Equipment Operation

Life Coach Mentoring:

* Basic Finances

* Housing/Transportation when released

* Continuing a support system after re-entry

Train 2nd Chance DOC employees to use the City of Tallahassee's job portal to watch for opportunities.

Develop partnerships with City departments and other community partners increase employment opportunities.