Jay Brower - Manager

Fairgrounds $790,587

The Fairgrounds budget includes approximately $281,000 in personnel costs for Manager Jay Brower and his staff, which will increase by one position this year. Brower reports directly to the county commission. Major line items in the fairgrounds budget include approximately $94,000 for equipment, $17,000 to replace an ATV used on the grounds, $44,000 to purchase tables and chairs for use at public events; and $40,000 for canopies.

Other expenditures include $140,000 in utility and telephone costs, $70,000 for projects, $35,000 for repairs, and $45,000 for building maintenance. The budget also includes $12,000 for landscaping, $14,500 for training and travel, and $20,000 for gas and oil.

The Fair Board allocation provides funding for the county fair.

The fair board budget totals $426,500, including the following:

2022 Fair: $180,500

2023 Fair: $184,500

Administrative: $61,500

The fair budget is supervised by Fair Manager Kailey Barlow, with supervision by the Sublette County Fair Board.