Waste Management

Billy Pape - Administrator

Waste Management $2.1 million

  • Landfill $1,228,388
  • Transfer Station $673,627
  • Recycling $195,361

What We Do: This department, under the supervision of R&B Superintendent Billy Pape, is responsible for the sanitary landfill near Marbleton, the trash transfer station outside of Pinedale, and the county recycling program. The landfill is a state-permitted solid waste landfill / balefill facility. The solid waste collected at the transfer station is contracted out and transported to the landfill in Marbleton and baled by county staff.

Budget Summary: The general waste management/landfill budget includes these major spending categories: $351,000 in personnel costs, and $160,000 for engineering fees. Baler operations are budgeted $100,000, while water monitoring is estimated at $45,000, and environmental bags for the refuse bales are allocated $44,000. Gas, oil, repairs, and tire costs are up considerably at $265,670. Utilities for the balefill facility are estimated at $72,600, and the cost to haul tires (including large equipment tires) is estimated at $84,000. The major expense for the transfer station operations is the contract to transport refuse from the station to the landfill near Marbleton, at $480,000.

The recycling program budget had small increases in most line items, but the biggest increase is $88,000 to purchase a 53-foot dry van trailer to haul materials for recycling.

Budget compared to last year: +19%

Reason for difference: Similar to the R&B department, the waste management program budgets reflect both an increase in salaries and overall increases in costs to operate heavy machinery, as well as the purchase of a large trailer.

Transfer Station