Clayton Melinkovich

Clayton Melinkovich

Attorney $606,583

What We Do: The Office of the County and Prosecuting Attorney provides diverse legal representation for Sublette County. Civil law attorneys provide legal analysis and guidance to the County's agencies and non-elected boards, as well as initiating various court actions. Criminal law attorneys coordinate with law enforcement agencies in the prosecution of criminal and traffic offenses. The department has divisions handling criminal matters, civil cases, juvenile justice, and victim/witness services.

Budget Summary: The majority of County Attorney Clayton Melinkovich’s budget covers personnel costs for the county attorney, two deputy attorneys, and secretaries, totaling $485,500. Prosecution and defense are allocated $50,000, while the crime victims program is budgeted $33,333, and access to an online legal database is secured at $12,000 The remainder of the budget covers general costs associated with operating the county law offices.

This budget also receives about $140,000 in state reimbursements and grants.

Budget compared to last year: +1.9%

Reason for difference: The increase reflects salary adjustments.