General Fund: Administrative & Non-Profits

The Cost of Government: $7.96 million

The general fund budget includes a variety of large spending accounts that are the necessary cost of government. The commission has allocated $7 million to cover the cost of FICA insurance, health claims, and retirement, $100,000 for financial administration, and $40,000 for an annual audit. Workmen’s compensation and unemployment compensation are covered with an allocation totaling $375,000. County officers' expenses are budgeted at $35,000 while printing and publications are allocated $90,000. Postage is estimated at $31,000, and telephone service is allocated $290,000.

Miscellaneous projects

In separate line items in the county general fund, the commission budgeted $1.15 million for a chip seal project on county roads, $200,000 for continued work on Skyline Drive and $100,000 for erosion control on Calpet Road, and $95,500 to cover restoration expenses from the fire in the Rendezvous Pointe garage. Since these projects involve repairs to existing infrastructure, they are allocated through the general fund rather than through the capital improvements budget.

The general fund budget also includes $77,691 for maintenance of the 911 communications line and the Sublette Interoperable Radio System. This radio system, designed specifically for Sublette County, connects more an 500 users and first responders working in and around the county.

The budget includes $120,000 for the purchase of two vehicles, including one for use by county officers and elected officials, and one for the Assessor's office.

Support for Human Service Programs $1.5 million

About these programs: The Sublette County Commission uses the general fund budget to provide support to a variety of organizations that provide needed services for a diversity of human service programs, including those involving children, senior citizens, and other segments of our citizenry. Support is either provided through direct allocation of funding, or with the county serving as the pass-through agent for grant funding from state programs.

Senior Citizens $802,300

Children $464,825

Other $280,512

Grand total: $1,547,637

Compared to last year’s budget: +8%

Reason for difference: The commission approved funding increases for various senior citizen and children services programs.

Natural Resource Management $975,477

About these programs: Sublette County’s abundant natural resources and vast public lands require special attention from county government, which addresses issues through a variety of programs.

Conservation District $815,427

Extension Service $110,050

Predator Management $50,000

Compared to last year’s budget: +19%

Reason for difference: This increase reflects salary adjustments for the extension service and conservation district and restores a staff position with the conservation district.

The Sublette County Conservation District will receive a 30% boost with this year's $815,427 for its continued operations, allowing the district to recover and restore one range specialist position after suffering from a stagnant budget for the last five years. The district monitors changes in water quality, works to improve watershed conditions through water development projects, is an active participant in federal and state land use planning, and offers a variety of programs to benefit natural resources in the county, from sponsoring seedling tree sales to rangeland monitoring. Members of the district’s board of supervisors are elected from rural and urban areas of the county.

The county provides about $110,500 in funding to the University of Wyoming’s County Extension Service programs for 4-H youth development, economics, and information and research related to agriculture and natural resources.

The Sublette County Predator Management District is budgeted to receive up to $50,000 (the same amount the district received last year) for predator control. Most control efforts involve coyotes, in addition to control of ravens and depredating wolves. This board consists of three elected sheep representatives, three elected cattle representatives, and one member appointed by the county commission.

Special Programs Support

Centennial Committee $76,180

Translator Grant $19,600

Happy Endings $2,500

The Sublette County Commission has appointed a Centennial Committee to plan celebrations for the county’s 100-year birthday throughout 2022. The Unorganized County of Sublette was formed by the Wyoming legislature on Feb 15, 1921, and approved by the residents on June 28, 1921. The first commissioners were elected on November 7, 1922, and elected officers were sworn in on January 2nd, 1923, formally becoming Sublette County.

The $19,600 translator grant is carryover from previous budgets and is used for rural television operations in the county.