Public Health

Janna Lee -

What We Do:

This budget covers the county's expenses associated with the public health office, which operates in a partnership with the Wyoming Department of Health. Public Health operates immunization clinics, provides teaching for diabetics and dietary needs, offers prenatal classes and hypertension clinics, and operates programs for car seats, bike helmets, HIV counseling and testing, operates a loan closet, and conducts nursing home placement assessments as well as children's health services.

Budget Summary:

Major portions of this budget are funded through state and federal grants, and the cost of nursing staff are shared between the county and state. The budget includes $176,000 in personnel costs, and more than $300,000 in expenditures related to grants. Other major items include approximately $92,000 for vaccine purchases and $15,000 for health fair costs. The budget includes $12,500 for janitorial services, $5,000 in mileage expenses, $3,000 for educational training, and $500 in advertising. The balance of the budget is for smaller amounts associated with operating the county public health office and program.

Budget compared to last year: -7%

Reason for difference: The budget remains fairly flat.