Understanding Revenues

The revenue generated by the taxing of 12 mills provides the majority of funding for county government services, but the budget also includes $11 million in revenue from a variety of other sources (federal, state, and local).

Federal Revenues - There are three federal revenue programs that distribute money to Wyoming counties, bringing nearly $1.9 million to Sublette County this fiscal year.

Secure Rural Schools: For more than 100 years, 25% of the revenue generated by mineral leases, timber sales and grazing fees paid to the U.S. Forest Service go to this fund, which is distributed to counties where national forest lands are located. Sublette County is expected to receive $176,000 in SRS revenue.

Payment In Lieu of Taxes: Sublette County will receive $675,000 in PILT payments. Congress established this program nearly 50 years ago to help offset losses in property taxes due to the existence of nontaxable federal lands within county boundaries.

American Rescue Plan Act: In early 2021, Congress authorized a funding package to help state and local governments recover from the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing $65.1 billion in direct, flexible aid to every county in America, including more than $1 million for Sublette County this year.

State Revenues - Several sources of revenue are funneled to the counties from the state, including severance taxes, sales and use taxes, fuel taxes, and others.

Sublette County's sales tax rate is four percent, the lowest allowable under statute. Sublette County will receive $2.7 million in sales and use taxes this year.

Sublette County anticipates receiving $950,000 from the diesel fuel tax, and $500,000 from the gas tax.

The County Road Construction and Maintenance Fund is designed to help counties with road construction and maintenance needs and is funded by the state through gasoline and severance taxes, using a formula for distribution. Sublette County is expected to receive $500,000 in revenues from the program this fiscal year.

Mineral severance tax distributions are made to local governments, as well as various state programs. The Sublette County budget includes $95,000 in severance tax revenues.

Sublette County expects to receive $4,750 in cigarette tax revenue in this budget year, and $25,000 from the state lottery program.

The Wyoming Legislature approved a program for direct distribution of funding to local governments, off which Sublette County will receive $60,000.

Cost-Sharing & Grants

The Public Health Office will bring in more than $247,000 in revenue to the county coffers, through a combination of cost-sharing programs, fees for services, and grants. other grant funding of about %170,000 will pass through county accounts for specific programs and projects.

In addition, the county will receive about $33,000 for Victim Witness Services, in addition to $30,000 for emergency management efforts and $115,000 in support for the County Attorney's office from the State of Wyoming

Local Revenues

The Sublette County budget includes a variety of local revenue sources – from fees paid to county departments, to $2 million interest on invested funds.

Motor vehicle licensing will generate $500,000; and revenues earned for recycling, combined with fees paid at the transfer station and landfill, will result in $418,000 in revenue.

Liquor license fees will generate about $10,000; $9,500 from traffic school; and the county will receive $11,000 for providing law-enforcement services in schools.

The budget includes $50,000 the County Treasurer retains for collection of sales and use taxes, and $10,000 in sales tax penalties. A handful of other miscellaneous revenue streams are expected to generate an additional $129,000.

Revenue from local fees include those paid to the following departments:

County Clerk $205,000

District Court $34,645

Planning & Zoning $21,450

Ice Arena $20,000

Fairgrounds $40.000