Clerk of District Court

Janet Montgomery

Clerk of District Court: $363,312

What We Do: Clerk of District Court Janet K. Montgomery is responsible for maintaining and preserving the records of all cases filed with the Ninth Judicial District Court in Sublette County. The clerk has many duties, which include the processing of cases and court-ordered payments as well as the administration of appeals and jury trials.

Budget Summary: Salaries for the court clerk, two deputies, and a part-time special project employee comprise the majority of this budget, at $230,752. The public defender program is allocated $100,000, court-appointed attorneys are estimated at $5,000, and jurors and witness fees are budgeted $5,000. The remaining balance covers general operations of the district court clerk’s office.

Budget compared to last year: +2.3%

Reason for difference: In addition to salary increases, this budget reflects the increased cost of the public defender program.