Capital Improvements Projects

Capital Improvements Projects

Capital Improvement Projects $14.9 million

Road Improvements $11.9 million

Daniel Firehall/Road & Bridge Building $255,700 (remaining)

Big Piney Library $1,137,379 (remaining)

Lovatt Room (audio / visual equip) $175,473

Marbleton Senior Center Remodel $100,000

Golf Course Cart Barn (engineering) $38,000

Transfer Station Upgrade $295,000

Property Purchase (Doyle) $1 million

The $11.9 million in major road projects include $400,000 for the Horse Creek Bridge Replacement, $895,000 for phase 3 of the South Cottonwood road, $2,000,000 for the Paradise North side overlay, $7,900,000 for North Piney rebuild and other miscellaneous pre-planning engineering estimates.