County Coroner

Curt Covill - Coroner

Office of the Coroner

What We Do: The coroner is charged with pronouncing death and determining the time of death, identifying and removing the deceased, determining the need for autopsy, notifying the next-of-kin, and completing death certificates, as well as investigating deaths in a variety of circumstances.

Budget Summary: The bulk of Coroner Curt Covill’s budget covers the coroner’s salary as well as standby time for deputy coroners, for a total of $37,400. Other major items include $15,000 for autopsies, $4,000 for supplies, $3,000 each for county burials and vehicle expenses, and $1,500 for training.

Budget compared to last year: +11.5%

Reason for difference: In addition to salary increases, the budget reflects the increased cost of county burials and autopsies.