Courthouse & Maintenance

Andre Irey - Superintendent

Courthouse & Maintenance $2.54 million

What We Do: This department provides maintenance and janitorial services for most county-owned buildings, as well as snowplowing and landscaping for county facilities.

Budget Summary: This year’s budget includes $1.3 million to pay salaries for the janitorial and maintenance staff supervised by department head Andre Irey. Other major line items include $280,000 for repairs and upgrades to county buildings, insurance for county buildings is allocated at $476,009.

Maintenance and supplies are allocated $75,000. Equipment and tools total $10,000, utilities are allocated $150,000, and janitorial supplies are budgeted $27,000. Gas, oil, and vehicle maintenance are budgeted $29,000.

The budget includes $14,500 for improvements, utilities, and maintenance on the 4-H barn located outside of Pinedale; $50,000 for maintaining buildings used by the Sublette County Rural Health Care District and $21,000 for small property items.

Budget compared to last year: +9%

Reason for difference: In addition to salary increases, this budget reflects increases in repairs and upgrade on buildings, and gas and oil.