Treatment Court

Cassie Crumpton - Coordinator

Treatment Court $201,806

What We Do: Treatment Court is a court-supervised treatment program providing an alternative to lengthy incarceration sentences or standard probation for repeat substance abuse-related offenses. The program involves a single judge working with a team of probation, treatment, defense, prosecution and law enforcement professionals to review cases and work with defendants to break the cycle of drug or alcohol abuse and criminal behavior. Defendants spend a minimum of twelve months in the program during which they appear regularly before the program team and must complete four program phases emphasizing treatment, personal accountability, sobriety, community safety, pro-social activities, and giving back to the community.

Budget Summary: This budget includes about $65,000 for the coordinator’s salary. Major budget items include $66,000 for mental health/treatment, $60,000 for drug testing, $1,500 for indigent services/recovery, and $3,700 for team training and travel. The budget includes $500 to cover the costs associated with a magistrate overseeing treatment court. The remaining budget categories include office operational expenses, and the costs for providing incentives and graduation for those involved in treatment court.

Budget compared to last year: +2%

Reason for difference: This budget remains fairly flat, with an increase in the coordinator's salary but decreases in other line items.