Budget Summary

2023 Budget by the Numbers

The Fiscal Year 2023 budget covers county income and expenditures from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. The budget is based on a taxation rate of 12 mills of the county’s assessed value of $2.5 billion. The county’s total assessed value increased $1.3 billion from the year prior, generating an additional $12 million more in tax money for this budget above the year before.

Most county departments and services are funded through a general fund allocation set by the Sublette County Commission, but certain program areas have a direct mill levy allocation that is set at the discretion of the county commission: Fair, Airports, Library, Museum, and Recreation.

The county budget includes general fund expenditures, money held in reserve accounts, and appropriations for entities receiving portions of the county’s 12-mill levy.

General Fund $62,262,386

Capital Improvements $14,926,553

Reserves $147,948,483

Fair, Airport, Library, Museum, etc. $4,685,476

Total Requirement: $229,822,89


Budget Comparison

FY2022-2023 Budget: Compared to last year:

Grand total budget is $225 million Up $3 million

Reserves of $147.9 million Up $1.3 million

Operating budget of $62.7 million Up $19.5 million

Capital improvements total $14.9 Up $7.4 million

*This operating budget includes $20 million moved from reserves into a spending account to build a new long-term care facility to replace the Sublette Center. When this $20 million is deducted, the county's operating budget remains relatively flat.