Search & Rescue

Kenna Tanner

Search & Rescue: A volunteer, non-profit organization based in Sublette County which was created around 1980 to promote public safety and welfare. The team works under the Sublette County Sheriff, and is funded through the Sublette County Commission and the State of Wyoming, but has its own internal command structure.

The Search & Rescue budget includes a $500,000 that accounts for 60% of this program's annual budget. seasonal helicopter contract that accounts for about two-thirds of this program’s annual budget. The contract is primarily paid for through federal funds received by the county. The presence of the helicopter has saved countless lives in Sublette County.

Although this department has one full-time staff position, S&R also provides training and equipment for use by Tip Top Search & Rescue volunteers. The county pays $77,989 for the administrator’s salary. Training is allocated $68,000, while search operations are budgeted $25,000.

S&R's $31,500 office equipment line item is a boost of more than $20K to purchase two additional mobile radios and 5 handheld raios, reflecting the type of "office" in which these emergency responders operate. Equipment purchases totaling $58,800 are budgeted for ATV, swift water, and high angle use. The remaining budget items cover office operations and maintenance of vehicles.