Sublette County Unified Fire

Protecting the lives and property from the harmful effects of fires, hazardous materials, motor vehicle collisions, and acts of nature that may affect the residents of Sublette County. Unified Fire provides structural and wildland fire suppression, emergency rescue,

Unified Fire provides structural and wildland fire suppression, emergency rescue, hazardous material response, fire investigation, fire prevention, and public education for the residents and visitors of Sublette County.

Six Stations, Unified Response

Fire Warden Shad Cooper supervises a volunteer department of six fire stations located throughout the county: Big Piney/Marbleton, Bondurant, Boulder, Daniel, Kendall Valley, and Pinedale.

Fire Warden Shad Cooper

Sublette County Unified Fire $2.4 million

The budget includes approximately $508,000 in personnel costs for firefighters, clerical, instructors, and other salaries. Major budget items include just over $1 million for purchase of a new fire apparatus (fire engine), and $245,000 for maintenance of the department’s facilities, equipment, and apparatuses. Gas, oil and vehicle maintenance total $108,000. Equipment and supplies are budgeted $155,000 and other line items cover assorted costs associated with operations of the county fire department. Physical exams are budgeted $50,000, and training is allocated $42,500, while insurance costs are estimated at $70,000.

Wildland fire suppression is included in the budget at $60,000. This allocation covers the cost of having fire equipment from neighboring counties on standby in years when fire activity is high and local resources are already engaged.

In addition to the $2.4 million fire operations budget, the county holds over $7.9 million in a fire reserve fund for replacement of fire trucks and other equipment, fire hall improvements or replacements, and to cover costs associated with firefighting on private land in the county.

Budget compared to last year: +58%

Reason for difference: In addition to salary increases, this budget includes $1 million for the purchase of a new fire engine.