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The Community Services Department includes four functional areas of responsibility: Recreation & Public Services; Legislative & Environmental Affairs; Economic Strategies, Fundraising & Development; Special Events, and Public Art & Design.

The Community Service Department serves as the City’s liaison to our State Legislators, County Government, non-profit organizations, quasi-governmental agencies, and the entire community. The four functional areas of the Community Services Department are described below:

Recreation & Public Services

The Recreation & Public Services Division of the Community Services Department provides support services to the public, thereby improving the quality of life for our residents and visitors. The mission of this division is to continue building our community by coordinating cost-effective programs in the following focus areas: cultural arts; sports and athletics; wellness; and community engagement activities.

Recreation & Public Services coordinates traditional recreation programs, processes rentals and reservations (parks, fields, and facilities), permits and produces special events, cultural arts, and sports activities.

Legislative & Environmental Affairs

Legislative Affairs identifies the effects of proposed state legislation, follows bills through the legislative process, works with the Florida League of Cities, and makes recommendations to the City Commission on whether to support or oppose various bills filed by our state legislators. In addition, it coordinates with the 18th Congressional District office on federal initiatives and concerns.

In FY19 the City Council identified the need to address issues directly affecting quality of life regarding the environment. This included reporting on the health of the St. Lucie River and other related environmental concerns. This responsibility was adopted by the Community Services Department.

Economic Strategies, Fundraising & Development

Economic Strategies support the city’s economic development efforts, redevelopment initiatives, and special projects throughout the city. This arm of Community Services works directly with the Business Development Board of Martin County, the Economic Council, the Stuart/Martin County Chamber of Commerce, the Stuart Main Street program, and the Downtown Business Association.

Through the support of the city’s business partners, Economic Strategies identifies revenue enhancing and cost cutting strategies, helps maintain economic development data and promotional material for the city.

Community Support, Special Events, Public Art & Design & Special Projects

The City of Stuart permits, manages, and produces over 300 special events each year for the community. Staff works with professional producers and promoters to evaluate the community annual event calendar and ensure the events meet established city requirements.

The department also creates and monitors license agreements for various city-wide special events produced by organizations that conduct business in the City of Stuart. This year, Community Services will manage citywide outreach initiatives with the Community Support Specialist.

Historically, Community Services coordinated privately funded art acquisitions. The department also assists in many special projects for the City Manager’s office throughout the year.

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