Public Works Departments

Fiscal Year 2023


The Public Works General Fund functions consist of six divisions (Teams); Transportation Maintenance Team, Parks & Grounds Maintenance Team, Ballfield Athletic Field Maintenance, Micro-Transit Operations, Vehicle Maintenance Team, and the Building Maintenance Team.

The Vehicle Maintenance Team is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and repair of approximately 187 City vehicles and approximately 185 pieces of equipment including trailers, pumps, blowers, chain saws, compactors, stripers, string trimmers, riding mowers, push mowers, brush trimmers, etc.

The Building Maintenance Team is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all City owned facilities and equipment associated with them. They are also responsible for all security systems, fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, welding, pest control, and the ordering and being the central store for janitorial supplies.

The Parks & Grounds Maintenance Team is responsible for initiating, establishing, and supporting a system of parks, community landmarks, and athletic facilities for the benefit of the public. They coordinate with the Community Services Division to schedule the activities and daily maintenance required for the athletic facilities. The Parks & Grounds Maintenance Team is expected to maintain the parks, community landmarks, rights-of-way, Sailfish and Lady of Abundance Fountains, and athletic facilities in a manner that reflects the overall quality of life in the community. This Team is responsible for providing the public with a professional level of responsibility in its care of parks facilities and restrooms based on accepted health and safety standards.

The Transportation Maintenance Team is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all City owned streets, alleyways, rights-of-way, street light maintenance and inspections, repair and installation of regulatory street signs, sidewalks and public parking lots, the removal of dead animals from rights-of-way, resurfacing of streets, crosswalk pavers, and the paint striping pavement marking program.

The Micro Transit System Team is responsible for providing daily transportation from 3 Park and Ride locations with an additional 8 locations with 3 being on call provided for passengers to be picked up in the Stuart downtown area. We have 12 part time employees and a total of 7 trams with 2 shifts that operate 7 days a week including most holidays. We provide service to over 42,000 passengers a year.

2023 Goals and Objectives

Vehicle Maintenance Team

Continued focus on improving shop operating policies and procedures to ensure more uniformity of the repair and preventative maintenance program.

Reducing the length of time required for repairs.

Maintaining inventory of parts on hand and strict inventory controls of those parts stocked.

Continuing to seek all available cost-effective training to bring the mechanics’ skill level up to the level of the technicians at most dealerships and assist all mechanics in obtaining at least one ASE certification.

Ensuring that the overall appearance of the fleet is representative of the City’s image.

Building Maintenance Team

Continue to improve a plan of action to ensure repairs are accomplished in a reasonable time frame.

Assure that the Building Maintenance Team has become the most productive and qualified as can be expected

Continue to evaluate conditions of all City buildings to determine type of repairs needed.

Assist Departments/Teams with annual budget preparations regarding maintenance needs.

Ensure all outside agencies performing work for the city are licensed and complying with Safety Standards.

Maintain a complete stock of janitorial supplies to support City requirements.

Increase construction and electrical repairs in-house, reducing costs to the city by using fewer contractors.

Continue to seek out and implement using earth friendly/green chemicals/supplies.

Plan more education on codes, electrical, building, etc.

Continue to implement Energy conservation initiatives.

Ensure the custodians are keeping up to our high service level expectations.

Parks & Grounds Maintenance Team

Landscape and Turf maintenance of City Parks, Rights of way, and Athletic Fields.

Continue to upgrade and maintain irrigation systems.

Continue to install new irrigation systems as required throughout the city.

Beautify and maintain planters and medians.

Maintain the tree replacement program.

Repair/upgrade park restrooms.

Continue to maintain and upgrade all playground equipment and drinking fountains throughout the City.

Continue Basic Management Practices training with IFAS in collaboration with Martin County Parks and Recreation.

Continue cross training and developing team members using FNLGA (landscape practice) and ISC (Arborist) practice and standards.

Transportation Maintenance Team

Continue to up-grade signage in accordance with the Florida State guidelines and the MUTCD.

Continue Pavement Management Condition Indexing Program for streets resurfacing.

Maintain the paint striping and pavement marking program.

Upgrade/Maintain the lap counter/traffic monitoring program.

Maintain Riverwalk enhancements and repairs.

Inspect and recommend sidewalk infrastructure for replacement/repair.

Maintain Street light inspection program and monitor FPL Street Light invoices.

Maintain/complete update to our street sign reflectivity program.

Maintain street sweeping program and record nutrient reduction goals.

Continue GIS training and mapping certifications.

Continue Basic Management Practices training with IFAS in collaboration with Martin County Parks and Recreation.

Continue cross training and certifications.

Micro Transit

Provide Historical Tours.

Transport Students from Schools and Daycares to Parks events in the Stuart downtown area.

Provide transportation for Special Events.

Transports citizens from designated Park-N-Ride Lots to downtown shops, and restaurants.

Participate in local holiday parades.

Performance Measures