001-230 Transportation Maintenance

General Fund - Public Works

Department Information and Background

The Transportation Maintenance Team is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all City owned streets, alleyways, rights-of-way, street light maintenance and inspections, repair and installation of regulatory street signs, sidewalks and public parking lots, the removal of dead animals from rights-of-way, resurfacing of streets, crosswalk pavers, and the paint striping pavement marking program.

Department Goals and Objectives

  • Continue to up-grade signage in accordance with the Florida State guidelines and the MUTCD.
  • Continue Pavement Management Condition Indexing Program for streets resurfacing.
  • Maintain the paint striping and pavement marking program.
  • Upgrade/Maintain the lap counter/traffic monitoring program.
  • Maintain Riverwalk enhancements and repairs.
  • Inspect and recommend sidewalk infrastructure for replacement/repair.
  • Maintain Street light inspection program and monitor FPL Street Light invoices.
  • Maintain/complete update to our street sign reflectivity program.
  • Maintain street sweeping program and record nutrient reduction goals.
  • Continue GIS training and mapping certifications.
  • Continue Basic Management Practices training with IFAS in collaboration with Martin County Parks and Recreation.
  • Continue cross training and certifications.

Department Performance Measures

Department Appropriations

Department Staffing