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Department Information and Background

The City of Stuart Fire Rescue Department (ISO Class 1) provides fire protection and EMS to Stuart and Sewall’s Point as well as in the unincorporated areas of Martin County in accordance with an automatic aid ILA.

The Stuart Fire Rescue Department is responsible for:

  • Fire Suppression, the protection of lives and property
  • Rescue and Extrication of trapped persons
  • Emergency Medical Services, all units are ALS level with Paramedics
  • Wildland/Brush Fire Suppression
  • Haz-Mat, first responder level
  • Fire Prevention Bureau
  • Origin & Cause Fire Investigations
  • Life Safety Fire Inspections, code compliance, plans review, permit inspections, LBT
  • Fire Safety/Public Education
  • Special Events/Special Detail Coverage, EMS and Fire
  • Community safety training, i.e. CPR/AED, fire extinguishers, first aid, citizen awareness, child seat installation, smoke alarm donation/installation program

The City of Stuart Fire Rescue Department currently provides emergency services from two fire rescue stations and one temporary station. Fire Station 1 (headquarters) houses Fire Administration, Fire Prevention, Support Services, and multiple fire rescue units, including front line, in-service units, and reserve units. Fire Station 1 has two in-service rescue units (ALS ambulances), one Squad (ALS mini-pumper), one Quint (ALS aerial ladder truck), and one Battalion Chief. Fire Station 2 houses one ALS fire engine and one ALS rescue unit (ambulance). Fire Station 3 is currently a temporary station housing one ALS fire engine. Station 3 is scheduled to begin construction in October 2023. The Battalion Chief is the chief officer on duty 24/7 to manage all shift personnel and command all significant emergency operations. All Stuart Fire Rescue apparatus are Advanced Life Support (ALS) certified which means there is a Paramedic on every vehicle.

The Fire Prevention Bureau continually strives to improve the safety of our citizens, visitors, and our fire rescue personnel by assuring that all fire codes are in compliance and being enforced. One Fire Inspector serves as the Fire Marshal for the City of Stuart. The Fire Marshal and the Fire Chief are certified fire inspectors and fire investigators, who determine the origin and cause at all fire scenes, including working alongside law enforcement in suspected arson cases. A second Fire Inspector focuses on the required annual and business tax fire inspections of various commercial businesses.

Our greatest asset is our high quality, dedicated employees who continue to operate with great effectiveness and efficiency. SFR is making a difference in our community, saving lives and property every single day. SFR is committed to delivering the highest level of Fire Rescue Service possible at our funding levels.

City of Stuart Fire Rescue generates over $1 million annually in EMS billing and over $565,000 annually in fire rescue contract fees from Town of Sewall’s Point (adjusted annually) to provide the town with Fire Suppression, EMS, and Fire Prevention services. Additional revenue is generated from annual fire inspections, new construction fire inspections, plans reviews, and false alarm fees. Special Event fees are charged to the event promoters to offset the costs of Fire Rescue personnel staffing and Fire Prevention inspections at these events throughout the City of Stuart.

Department Goals and Objectives

  • Work diligently to maintain SFR’s I.S.O. Class 1 Public Protection Rating with reinspection scheduled for November 2023.
  • Continue to improve and upgrade our fleet as funding permits
  • Focus on safety compliance with NFPA standards
  • Improve and standardize department wide training and readiness
  • Increase annual fire safety inspections to reduce the threat of fire in the community.
  • Improve upon an outstanding working relationship through labor/management collaboration.
  • Continue to improve effectiveness and efficiencies in response times and assignments.
  • Identify and implement improvement in firefighter safety to enhance health and improve overall operational readiness – including losses from injuries and illnesses.
  • Improve operational readiness through pre-fire planning, hydrant inspections, patient care protocols, equipment/apparatus updates, fire station improvements and safety programs.
  • Increase effective hands-on training hours and support advanced education.
  • Update additional department operational S.O.G.s
  • Add nine additional FTEs to provide coverage of daily shift vacancies to help reduce overtime and burnout of personnel and add an additional ALS ambulance when daily staffing permits, to capture additional emergency calls within the City of Stuart to reduce the number of responses by MCFR into the City of Stuart jurisdiction.
  • Complete construction of Fire Station 3 on Green River Parkway to house Rescue 3 and Engine 3.
  • Place Fire Boat in-service in collaboration with Stuart Police Department, utilizing their boat.

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