107 - CRA Revenues and Appropriations


Department Information and Background

The purpose of the Community Redevelopment Agency is to guide the City of Stuart in identifying priorities and opportunities available within the Community Redevelopment Area. The Community Redevelopment Agency envisions growth and reinvestment/redevelopment of Stuart while protecting our existing resources.

Department Goals and Objectives

The goals of the City of Stuart Community Redevelopment Plan are to eliminate and blight conditions that exist in the redevelopment area and are organized in five sections to drive the increment revenue necessary for plan implementation.

Economic Development

  • Promotional Activities for Economic Development
  • Branding of the City
  • Housing Options and Job Training Programs
  • Property Redevelopment and Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)
  • Commercial Corridors to attract new businesses
  • Arts, Music, and Culture


  • Pedestrian Movement and Streetscape Improvements
  • Mobility and Transit Improvements


  • Parking Garage
  • Stormwater and Drainage
  • Other Public Infrastructure


  • Beautification and Enhanced Programs
  • Code Enforcement
  • Market and Attainable Housing Development

Redevelopment Support

  • Administration
  • Land Acquisition
  • Economic Incentives