001-220 Parks/Grounds Maintenance

General Fund - Public Works

Department Information and Background

The Parks & Grounds Maintenance Team is responsible for initiating, establishing, and supporting a system of parks, community landmarks, and athletic facilities for the benefit of the public. They coordinate with the Community Services Division to schedule the activities and daily maintenance required for the athletic facilities. The Parks & Grounds Maintenance Team is expected to maintain the parks, community landmarks, rights-of-way, Sailfish and Lady of Abundance Fountains, and athletic facilities in a manner that reflects the overall quality of life in the community. This Team is responsible for providing the public with a professional level of responsibility in its care of parks facilities and restrooms based on accepted health and safety standards.

Department Goals and Objectives

  • Landscape and Turf maintenance of City Parks, Rights of way, and Athletic Fields.
  • Continue to upgrade and maintain irrigation systems.
  • Continue to install new irrigation systems as required throughout the city.
  • Beautify and maintain planters and medians.
  • Maintain the tree replacement program.
  • Repair/upgrade park restrooms.
  • Continue to maintain and upgrade all playground equipment and drinking fountains throughout the City.
  • Continue Basic Management Practices training with IFAS in collaboration with Martin County Parks and Recreation.
  • Continue cross training and developing team members using FNLGA (landscape practice) and ISC (Arborist) practice and standards.

Department Appropriations

Department Staffing