Water & Sewer Revenues and Appropriations


The Water and Sewer Division is responsible for managing and supervising the operation of the Water Treatment, Water Reclamation, Distribution and Collection, and Utility Customer Service Teams. The division is also responsible for planning, coordinating, initiating, monitoring, inspecting, and overseeing the implementation of the Capital Improvement Program. Capital Improvement Projects include construction and infrastructure improvements from preliminary concept through design, bidding, project approval, construction, and project completion. Other responsibilities include conducting field inspections and investigation of projects, conditions and issues that warrant such scrutiny; and preparing professional management analyses of issues which will result in increased efficiency or savings to the City.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide outstanding cost-effective utility services that meet and exceed residential and commercial customer base.
  • Complete construction of the one million gallon per day reverse osmosis water treatment facility in the 1st Quarter of 2024.
  • Maintain PFOA/PFOS levels in the City’s drinking water to below non-detect in accordance with the EPA’s latest Health Advisory Level of less than four parts per trillion.
  • Design and construct Phase 2 of the Ion Exchange Pre-Treatment System at the Water Treatment Facility.
  • Successfully negotiate a cost-effective solution for PFAS contamination with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection at the City’s Public Safety Complex and Fire Station 2 Site.
  • Manage the City’s wellfield in accordance with the recently executed Consumptive Use Permit issued by the South Florida Water Management District.
  • Complete rehabilitation of Raw Water Wells 8 and 23.
  • Start construction of the Water Reclamation Facility Headworks Improvements project.
  • Promote increased workforce training and education to improve knowledge and skills of all division personnel.
  • Continue customer communication and educational programs for water conservation and waste reduction recycling.
  • Continue to improve the overall operation of the water treatment, water reclamation, and distribution/collections/low pressure sewer teams.
  • Continue to monitor regulatory compliance for all regulatory permits and maintain a tracking system for general and specific conditions.
  • Continue the data collection and input of all utility assets into a robust preventive maintenance program utilizing Brightly.
  • Continue promoting the Safety Incentive Program “SIP” so that all employees have a positive attitude towards safety and practice good safety habits.
  • Produce outstanding finished water that exceeds customer expectations.
  • Minimize odors at the Water Reclamation Facility to prevent complaints from adjoining property owners.
  • Produce the highest quality plant effluent at the lowest cost.
  • Produce highly treated reclaimed water and provide service to commercial customers.
  • Maintain and protect water distribution isolation valves to limit large service interruptions.
  • Clean and televise and record 33% of the gravity sewer system on an annual basis and identify and repair potential failures to prevent sanitary sewer overflows.
  • Install 28 residential and 2 commercial grinder systems.
  • Continued updating of water and sewer GIS layers utilizing ground penetrating radar technology.
  • Continued surveillance of private sanitary sewer lift stations.
  • Implement an improved customer service portal to greatly enhance the on-line payments process.
  • Provide outstanding customer service while enforcing new and revised billing and collection policies and increase efforts for the collection of past due accounts and minimizing uncollectable accounts.
  • Provide cross training and instruction with utility software for employees.
  • Perform annual preventive maintenance to 580 fire hydrants.

Performance Metrics

Water & Sewer Metrics