Priorities and Issues

Fiscal Year 2023

Some highlighted items of the appropriations of the FY 2023 Budget are as follows:

  • The City continues to invest in technology following the cyberattack of 2019 and is continuing to upgrade its internal systems to be more accessible to the public in 2023. The use of new software City wide allows the citizens and employees alike a safe and informational place to learn about the City.
  • Additional funding for health insurance reserves; our Healthcare reserves remain healthy as we continue to fund the reserves as needed.
  • The Manager continues to create and implement new compensation programs for the City employees in an effort to both recognize their efforts, retain competent staff, but also control costs.
  • The City will continue to utilize a lease purchase replacement strategy through an agreement with Enterprise Fleet services. Large vehicles such as garbage trucks and fire trucks will remain funded through the annual budget process.
  • The pavement management reserve, utilized to maintain the City roadways, is funded for $400,000.
  • The Leased Property Fund is transferring the amount equal to the debt service payment in General Fund for the purchase of the Courthouse Commons property, acquired in July of 2020.
  • The City will again levy a Fire Assessment fee for 2023. The Fire Assessment fee rates will remain the same.
  • The City approved a 5-year rate study for utility service charges which will continue to support the level of service the City currently provides its citizens.