420 - Sanitation Revenues and Appropriations


The Sanitation Team is responsible for the collection and disposal of all residential and commercial garbage and recycling materials in the City of Stuart. The Yard Trash Collection Team is responsible for the collection and disposal of all yard trash and debris, including tires, metal goods and household furnishings disposed of by City residents.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide cost effective outstanding sanitation service that meets and exceeds all residential and commercial customer expectations.
  • Focused approach to improving the overall appearance of the fleet.
  • Continue to promote and support the Department’s Safety Incentive Program so that all employees have positive attitude towards safety and practice good safety habits.
  • Continue to support and incentivize increased driver certifications.
  • Continue to work on methods to improve collection and reduce disposal costs.
  • Continue annual audit of commercial accounts by verifying billing of services on account versus field assessments and GPS system to assure customers are charged properly for services provided.
  • Continue public awareness campaign promoting the benefits of residential and commercial single stream recycling.
  • Continue the expansion of brown carts for yard waste collection.
  • Reduce large yard waste piles collected by the lightning loader.
  • Increase random spot checking of residential recycle carts for the proper separation of recycle material from the waste stream to reduce contamination.
  • Continue removing commercial carts from commercial areas where access is available.

Performance Measures

2024 Sanitation Performance Indicators