430-810 Stormwater Maintenance

Stormwater - Public Works

Department Information and Background

The Public Works Enterprise Fund functions consist of the Stormwater Team cleaning filtration system on the baffle boxes, 38 water quality structures (Baffle Boxes) City wide storm drainage system includes 10.6 miles of storm water lines, and approximately 625 catch basins.

Department Goals and Objectives

  • Eliminating pollution and local flooding by providing maintenance and repair of the City’s stormwater drainage system, overseeing street sweeping services, drainage ditch cleaning, erosion control, aquatic weed control, illegal connection detection/elimination, pollution prevention activities, identification of illegal dump sites, employee training, public education/outreach, responding to complaints from the public, and compliance with the NPDES Stormwater Permit. Additional responsibilities include inspection of storm systems visually and with TV equipment for purpose of discovering issues such as pipe failures, illegal connections, and need for cleaning. Systems are cleaned utilizing vacuum truck and other equipment to ensure the systems function as designed and remove pollutants captured by water quality structures.

Department Appropriations

Department Staffing