City Manager Department

General Fund

Fiscal Year 2023

Picture of manager org chart
Picture of City Manager David Dyess

David Dyess, City Manager

The City Manager is appointed and accountable to the City Commission and directs and coordinates the operation of all City departments. One of the key responsibilities of the Stuart City Manager is planning and implementing the City’s annual budget and policy guidelines established by the City Commission. Responsibilities also include handling appropriate studies, recommendations, and reports to the City Commission on all matters of interest or concern to the City. The City Manager has the Charter assigned authority to see that all laws and ordinances are enforced, recommends an annual budget, appoints City Department Directors and is responsible for all employees except the City Attorney.

Development of the Proposed FY 2023 Budget included a thorough review of revenue and financial options to ensure that the use of available resources is maximized to serve the community while maintaining a good value to taxpayers and consistency with Commission priorities. The City Manager is focused and committed to developing fiscally prudent strategies to continue to provide the great services and amenities that enhance the quality of life for our Stuart residents.