City Clerk Department

General Fund

Fiscal Year 2023

The City Clerk

As a manager of public information, the City Clerk oversees the legislative history created by the City Commission, maintains, and preserves all official records and documents of the City, researches and disseminates information for staff and the public, and administers a City-wide Records Management program. The City Clerk ensures the legislative process is “open and public” by publishing and posting notices and ordinances as required by law and coordinates the audio/video recording of all public meetings, workshops etc. The City Clerk transcribes the City Commission minutes and follows up on all decisions made by the City Commission including arranging for signatures on all official documents, certifying the adoption of ordinances and resolutions, and attesting to Commission action. In addition to managing the sales and cemetery records and vehicle fleet registrations and titles, as the City's Elections Official, the City Clerk oversees the conduct of all general and special municipal elections.

The City Clerk’s Department is a courteous, service-oriented team of professionals working in partnership with the community, commission, and employees. We are committed to providing efficient service in a responsive and expeditious manner, maintaining the integrity of all commission actions through the Municipal Code, policy manual, minutes, and resolutions, and dedicated to continuing the preservation of the City’s history.